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Mini Portable Wifi Smart DLP Projector Mobile For Meeting -CNY 10

Publish Date: 14-06-2018 10:37:46 | Contact name: GuoyunWang | Location: CHINA | Place: 4003-4004Room, Dongfang Business Building, Baomin Road2, Xixiang Town, Baoan district, Shenzhen city of China | 1 times displayed |

Home theater type: It is characterized by brightness of about 3000 lumens (with the development of this figure is constantly increasing, high contrast), the projection screen clear multiple sizes to choose from, the best size of 65-80 inches 1.5 m -2 m, all kinds of video ports are complete, suitable for playing movies and high-definition television, suitable for home users.

2, portable business projector: the general weight of less than 2 kg projector is defined as business portable projectors, the weight comparable with thin and light notebooks. Business portable projectors have the advantages of small size, light weight, mobility, is the traditional projector and large and medium-sized projector alternatives, thin and light notebooks with business portable projectors with the mobile business users are in progress Mobile business demo with the preferred.

3, education conference projector: generally located in schools and business applications, using the mainstream resolution, brightness of about 2000-3000 lumens, moderate weight, heat and dust to do better, suitable for installation and short-range movement, function Interface is rich, easy to maintain, cost performance is relatively high, suitable for mass purchase universal use.
4, the mainstream project-type projector: compared to the mainstream of the general projector, projectors projection area larger, longer distance, high brightness, and generally also supports multi-bulb mode, can better cope with large A changeable installation environment is ideal for education, media and government.

5, Professional Theater Projector: This type of projector is more emphasis on stability, emphasizing low failure rate, its thermal performance, network functions, ease of use and other projectors have done a very strong job. Of course, in order to adapt to a variety of professional applications, the most important feature of the video projector or its high brightness, the brightness of up to 5000 lumens in general, the higher can exceed 10000 lumens. Due to their size and weight, they are often used in special applications such as theaters, museums, convention halls, public areas and also for monitoring traffic, police command centers, fire control and air traffic control centers.

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