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 Social intranet software offer Marketing

Social intranet software

Marketing -

Vantage agora includes social intranet software which connects everyone together and that leads to great progress in the performance. Our company uses wide range of technology which helps our emp...

Insurance dashboard offer Marketing

Insurance dashboard

Marketing -

Vantage agora provides a insurance dashboard services. It incorporates metrics as well as vary of claims, open claims, new policies, injury count and policy premiums. A sum guarantees dashboard c...

Enterprise social platform offer Marketing

Enterprise social platform

Marketing -

Vantage agora provides full-featured enterprises social platform which offers more flexibility and enhanced productivity. We develops Enterprise social platform which have been increasing in use du...

Insurance outsourcing offer Marketing

Insurance outsourcing

Marketing -

Vantage agora provides the best Insurance outsourcing services. The insurance industry is being gravely tested now-a-days. The market dynamics are compelling insurers to incorporate new levels of c...

Backoffice outsourcing offer Marketing

Backoffice outsourcing

Marketing -

Vantage agora provides full featured Backoffice outsourcing services. We ensure for a better improvement in the process, cost effective, an outstanding service quality, real time service monitor...

Insurance bpo offer Marketing

Insurance bpo

Marketing -

Vantage agora provides Insurance bpo services. The key to insurers' competitiveness in a volatile market is greater flexibility and agility.Ours bpo solutions, including outsourcing, technology...

Insurance operational excellence offer Marketing

Insurance operational excellence

Marketing -

Vantage agora provides a full featured InsurancernOperation Excellence service. We have an excellent track record of migratingrnclients policy administrationrnsystems tornits own proprietary system...

Insurance BOS offer Marketing

Insurance BOS

Marketing -

Vantageagora provides Insurance BOS facilities to their clients. Our team keeps up to date with changes occurring in the world of insurance. This proactive approach allows our team to provide the be...

Agent Management System  offer Marketing

Agent Management System

Marketing -

Agent Management System facility is provided by Vantageagora. We provide a managed staffing service for mid-sized and large insurance brokers who want to better manage their processing and back-off...

Agent Portal offer Marketing

Agent Portal

Marketing -

Vantage agora provides an Agent Portal facility for its clients. We have been committed to deliver outstanding quality and consistency of customer service, catering to the needs of our customers. ...