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Where Can I Buy Bentonite Clay -CNY 320

Publish Date: 15-05-2018 22:58:46 | Contact name: Sun Michael | Location: CHINA | Place: No 51,TAIPING ROAD, QINGDAO CITY,CHINA | 1 times displayed |

Bentonite clay - can refine black oil to clear color.

What is bentonite clay?
Bentonite clay is powder clay,made from bentonite material, also called activited clay,activited fuller earth is a fine,light color powder with a highly porous inner structure and a numbers of acid sites on its surface.

It mainly used for refining of vegetable oils and minerals oils, and hardened fats,and ects, and well suitable for remove of polar compounds like chlorophyll, carotinoids, phospholipids, peroxides ,impurities etc by chemisorption/physical adsorption and acid catalysis.

Feature of our bentonite clay

1.Ability of wide rage of decoloration, purification, and absorption.
2.Capacity to adsorbing and remove coloring matters, phosphatides colloid, soaps etc.
3.Adsorbing 100% of the strong carcinogens-aflatoxin B1 (AFTB1) and 3,4 -benzopyrene in edible and vegetable oil. pollution. filter cake can re-use reversing

Some note you need to know:

Bentonite clay began to lose gesso when temperature above 300,make the structure change of decolorization have influence.

The surface is very easy absorption of moisture,the water is high also influence decoloring effect ,and the catalytic performance.Pay attention to prevent rain,moist,should be stored in ventilated dry place .

Any question about fuller's earth clay please feel free to conatct us at any time.


Q1. Payment
Usually 30% deposit T/T and balance paid off before delivery. For new customers, 30% deposit and balance against B/L copy is also allowed.
L/C is also acceptable if order amount is large.

Q2. Lead time
Around 7 work days or according to order qty.

Fuller' earth clay is packed in net weight 25kg, 20tons/20'FCL or 1000kg jumbo bag,18tons/20GP
Customized package is welcome if order amount is large.

Q4. Contact information
Email:; Mobile +86 18653259969

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Contact Sun Michael: Where Can I Buy Bentonite Clay

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