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Durable Weatherable And Weatherproof Roofing FRP Sheets -CNY 10

Publish Date: 11-01-2017 23:31:44 | Contact name: MiaoStefan | Location: CHINA | Place: West Side Of South Head Of Dongwu Road, Dongcheng Economic Development Zone, Linqu,Weifang, Shandong province,China | 3 times displayed |

FRP grating is also called Fiberglass reinforced Polymer grating. There are FRP molded grating and FRP pultruded grating according to its molding patterns. It's originated from USA in the Seventies. In early Nineties,Website:, FRP gratings got rapid development in China after introducing the technology from overseas.      
     By braiding the fibers and heating the whole casting, molded grating is a kind of molding product which use fiberglass as reinforced material and the thermosetting resin as the matrix. By pultrusion molding equipment, pultruded grating is a kind of assembling product which use fiberglass filament, fiberglass mat,  polyester surface mat as the reinforced material and the thermosetting resin as the adhesive. The voidage of Molded grating is relatively large and it's hard to be scattered because of its small mechanical loss after cutting; Pultruded grating has the character of its strong loading capacity in length, small loss after cutting the material and the high aging resistance.      
      FRP gratings could replace the steel, carbon steel and iron casting products in common construction field. It has a competitive advantages considered from the unite price, transport cost, the installation and the maintenance. FRP grating has a more and more extensive application prospect as a new-model and light construction material.Keywords: Anticorrosion FRP tileAnticorrosion FRP tile  
     Keywords: Anticorrosion FRP tile  
     Product Category  
     Anticorrosion FRP true color panel  
     The surface is covered with Melinex 301 film with nominal thickness of 20 microns made by American Du Pont Company, imported opaque gel coat  
     Resin component  
     Anticorrosion isophthalic polyester resin  
     Fiberglass reinforced  
     The content is not less than 26%, the glass fiber felt and SENO are mixed in special proportions  
     Unit Weight  
     2400 g / m2, 3050 g / m2, 3820g / m2, ± 10% tolerance  
     Nominal thickness  
     1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm with a tolerance of ± 15%
     Color Category  
     Sky blue, dark blue, Chinese red, medium chrome yellow, porcelain white, dark green, the light transmission rate is not more than 5%  
     Thermal transmittance  
     2400g / m2,that is 1.5mm: 43%  
     Temperature resistance limit  
     -50℃ to +130℃  
     Coefficient of thermal expansion  
     2.6 × 10-5 cm / cm / ℃  
     UV resistance rate  
     Ensured service life
     20 years  
     Section types  
     SENO-MK-760, SENO-MK-750, SENO-MK-820, SENO-AK-820. SENO-MK-840. SENO-MK-840 SENO-MK- 900. etc., and products with other section types can be specially provided by designing new molds according to the needs of customers.  
     Physical PropertiesItemBending strengthTensile strengthPunching strengthDensityOxygen indexBaDi hardnessTest results123MPa68.7MPa85MPa1.40g/cm320.5%55

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