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Beer Box Mould -CNY 10

Publish Date: 11-01-2017 23:46:22 | Contact name: Ivy | Location: CHINA | Place: Mould Center Western District Huangyan, Zhejiang, China | 4 times displayed |

Detailed Product Description:Mould Material:P20,718,2738,S136, NAK80,45# etc.Mould cavity: single cavity, double cavities or muti-cavitiesRunner:Cold/Hot runnerService: Provide complete set of production process and technology transfer service and 3d designingPackage: Poly wood case for exporting, each mould will cleaned before packingMachine: CNC, Milling Machine Etc.1.EnquiryOur customers send 2D drawing, 3D or samples of products to us.↓2. QuotationAccording to the information customers sent ,we make an offer with mould feature(material,size,life,price ect.),incoterms,payment,delivery time ect.↓3. NegotiationAll issues about mould,including mould feature,,payment and so on.↓4.Place an orderSign Contract↓5.Mould DesignAccording to customers 3D or samples and requests to design the mould,before mould processing ,we will send mould design to customer to confirm it↓6.Mould TestWe send the test sample to customer until meet customers requests.↓8.DeliveryDelivery by sea or according to customers.How to pack the mould 1. Check mould component2. Cleaning mould cavity/core and spread slushing oil on the mould3.Cleaning mould surface and spread slushing oil on the mould surface 4. Put into the wooden caseAfter sale service1).During Mould Manufacturing, every week or everyday (if customer want ),we will offer update mould picture or video to custome2).When mould test, we will send video and photos to customers.3).Before Mould delivery, packing video and photos(wooden case, painted with anti-rust) will be both offered for customers.4).If  mould stay in our factory to production ,life warranty.5).One year warranty after mould exported. During warranty, all maintenances are free of charge.

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Contact Ivy: Beer Box Mould

Phone: 18358611035




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