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Barium Chloride Powder -CNY 10

Publish Date: 06-01-2017 15:26:02 | Contact name: RitaHu | Location: CHINA | Place: No.159 FuZhou Road North, QingDao-266000, China | 9 times displayed |

Yingfengyuan Industrial Group Limited is one of the leading China barium chloride powder manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory, we are able to offer you best and cheap barium chloride powder products.Barium chloride dihydrate, Barium  chloride anhydrous CAS  No.:10361-37-2;10326-27-9 EINECS  No. 233-788-1USES: Raw material for  producing barium salts. Mainly used for chlorine-alkali industry, papermaking,  dyestuff, rubber, ceramics, oil refining, petrochemistry and also can be used  as pesticide. Chemical  name: Barium  Chloride Dyhydrate (2)Molecular  formula & molecular weight: BaCl2.2H2O=244.277 
 (3)Specification: GB/T1617-2002
     Index NameIndexExcellenceFirst GradeQualifica_tionPurity % ≥99.0098.0097.00Calcium£¨Ca) % ≤0.0360.090--Sodium£¨Na) % ≤0.20----Sulphide£¨S£© % ≤0.0030.008--Iron£¨Fe) % ≤0.0010.0030.02Water insoluble matter % ≤
 (4)Character:Colourless,flat rhombus crystal,usually with two  crystal water.Dissllving point:962 .Boiling point:1560 poisonous.Wash in water  whin getting in on the skin.After poisoning,take sodium sulphate or magnesium  sulphate.  
 (5)Use:As a raw material for producing bariumn salts,such as  barium hydroxide, barium nitrate and barium carbonate etc.Widely used in  papermaking,dyestuff,rubber,plastic,ceramics¡¢iol refining and petrochemistry  and so on.Also used to heat-treat the metals and remove sulphate in the salt  water in chlorine-alkaki industry.  
 (6)Storage and transportation:Keep dry and prevent damp.  
 (7)Packing:Packed in polypropylene bag,lined with  polyethylene bag,50kgs or 25kgs/bag net.

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