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Melamine phosphate offer Festivals

Melamine phosphate

Festivals - - CNY 1

Melamine phosphate ;Flame retardant MP;FR-MP...

Melamine polyphosphate offer Festivals

Melamine polyphosphate

Festivals - - CNY 1

Melamine polyphosphate; Flame retardant NP;FR-NP...

Melamine Cyanurate offer Festivals

Melamine Cyanurate

Festivals - - CNY 1

Melamine Cyanurate Synonyms:Flame retardant MCA CAS NO:37640-57-6...

Decabromodiphenyl Ethyle offer Festivals

Decabromodiphenyl Ethyle

Festivals - - CNY 1

Decabromodiphenyl Ethyle CAS 84852-53-9 Flame Retardant DBDPE...

Decabromodiphenyl Oxide offer Festivals

Decabromodiphenyl Oxide

Festivals - - CNY 1

Decabromodiphenyl Oxide CAS 1163-19-5 Flame Retardant DBDPO 98.5%...

Ascorbic Acid offer Festivals

Ascorbic Acid

Festivals - - CNY 10

Ascorbic Acid,Antioxidants...

Teflon Encapsulated O Rings offer Festivals

Teflon Encapsulated O Rings

Festivals - - CNY 10

We supply a series of Teflon® FEP or PFA seamless encapsulated silicone and Viton® O rings, and virgin Silicone, Viton®, EPDM,NBR O rings. Widely used in a variety of dynamic and static sealing applic...

Butachlor Herbicide offer Festivals

Butachlor Herbicide

Festivals - - CNY 10

Butachlor Herbicide,Herbicide...

Acetochlor Herbicide offer Festivals

Acetochlor Herbicide

Festivals - - CNY 10

Acetochlor Herbicide,Herbicide...

2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Herbicide offer Festivals

2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Herbicide

Festivals - - CNY 10

2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Herbicide,Herbicide...