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Bentonite Waterproofing offer Festivals

Bentonite Waterproofing

Festivals - - CNY 250

Desiccant Bags are essentially desiccants packaged in porous materials that allow them to effectively absorb moisture inside packaging or storage containers to protect any number of products, includin...

Diisobutyl Ketone(DIBK) offer Festivals

Diisobutyl Ketone(DIBK)

Festivals - - CNY 10

Description: Diisobutyl Ketone(DIBK) Physical and Chemical Property: CAS No : 108-83-8 Molecular Formula : C9H18O Specification: Item Specification Appearance Clear liquid Specific gravity 20º...

Dibasic Ester offer Festivals

Dibasic Ester

Festivals - - CNY 10

Description : Dibasic Ester (DBE) Synonyms : DBE, Nylon Intermediate Molecular Formula: CH3OOC(CH2)nCOOCH3 n=2, 3, 4 Physical and chemical Property: It is a kind of colorless transparent oily li...

benzyl acetate offer Festivals

benzyl acetate

Festivals - - CNY 10

Description: Benzyl acetate, Benzyl ethanoate Physical and chemical property: Clear colourless liquid, Fruity Odor Molecular Formula: C9H10O2 Appearance: Oily Liquid Grade Standard: Industrial Gra...

cyclohexane offer Festivals


Festivals - - CNY 10

Description: Cyclohexane, Hexahydrobenzene Physical and Chemical Property: Clear colorless liquid, CAS No.: 110-82-7 UN NO.:1145 Molecular F...

Do Your Find Your Married Life Boring?? Make It An Excited Affair!! offer Wedding Planners

Do Your Find Your Married Life Boring?? Make It An Excited Affair!!

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p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } A – Adaptability. Brahmin Matrimony is not a rigid affair. Flexibility, open mindedness and adaptability are essential...

Eternity Wedding Bands offer Wedding Planners

Eternity Wedding Bands

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Bc Custom Jewelry is a #1 source for Wedding and Engagement Rings, like Gold & Diamond Rings and Wedding Bands in California, Connecticut, Alabama, Idaho, Arizona and Arkansas.Eternity Wedding Bands ...

Ferulic Acid offer Festivals

Ferulic Acid

Festivals - - CNY 1

Ferulic Acid(synthetic) CAS NO: 1135-24-6...

2-Indanone offer Festivals


Festivals - - CNY 1

2-Indanone CAS NO: 615-13-4...

We provide wedding or event decoration services   offer Wedding Planners

We provide wedding or event decoration services

Wedding Planners - - USD 1

We are offering a wide range of wedding decoration services in Lahore. We are providing variety of themes, designs and decoration related stuff, we promise our customers a beautiful wedding prepara...