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One very common question I often get asked is what we should or should not eat when suffering from knee pain.
Most expect either a short answer about special foods to take the pain away, or a list of things to avoid. Others prefer recommendations of particular glucosamine brands or some other nutritional supplements.

Many patients come with a long list of foods that helpful friends and "alternative" healers warn them against: beans, red meat, alcohol, shellfish, sugar, fat, salt...

While it is good to maintain a good diet for general health and to keep our heart healthy, there is really little to be gained by making life miserable with tasteless meals if our aim is to make knee aches and pain feel better.

The only notable exception is when someone has gout. People diagnosed with gout should maintain a low purine diet which means reducing our intake of:

- Alcoholic beverages
- Some fish, seafood and shellfish, including anchovies, sardines, herring, mussels, codfish, scallops
- Some meats, such as bacon, turkey, veal, venison and organ meats like liver, beef, chicken, duck, pork and ham
- Shellfish, such as crab, lobster, oysters and shrimp
- Certain fruits and vegetables: spinach, peas, strawberries (& strawberry jam) and durian
- Beans and legumes,peanuts, bean cake, moon cake

Clearly the list is very long and our meals can be quite bland if we need to strictly avoid these foods. Which is why I always tell patients to ignore such "food rules" unless they have been clearly diagnosed to have gout by a medical doctor.

Dr Terence Tan
*If you are suffering from severe knee pain and need faster attention, simply call or WhatsApp: +65 9068 9605

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