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Powder Coating Line For Aluminum Profile -CNY 10

Publish Date: 13-03-2019 17:22:04 | Contact name: Yuanchenxiang | Location: CHINA | Place: Anyuan Coating, xiaoji industrial park, jiangdu district, yangzhou city, jiangsu province,China | 1 times displayed |

Product DescriptionPowder coating line for aluminum profile is popularly installed for every aluminum profile manufacturer to provide full solutions for different custom requirements. Our powder coating equipment is designed for conveyor type for large daily production. It's suitable for long and large size aluminum profiles such as plates circular and rectangular tubes etc.There are two types of powder coating line,includes horizontal type and vertical type.The Automatic Powder Coating Line Including The Following Six Main Parts:Part 1: Spray pretreatment systemMulti-stage spray pretreatment system is engineered to prepare a product's surface for painting. Using spray or dip type pretreatment methods, dust,rust and oil are removed from the product's surface and phosphate or conversion coatings are applied to help prevent corrosion and increase paint adhesion.Part 2: Drying ovenDrying oven which drying the water after pretreatment is designed according to customer actual conditions. The temperature need is around 120-130 degrees. Part 3: Powder Coating BoothAutomatic powder coating booth (Made of PVC or galvanized steel) with big cyclone and secondary filter system, reciprocator, sieving system. Including our Color Easy fast color change booth (complete the color change within 15 minutes) Part 4: Electrostatic Powder Coating GunAutomatic powder coating guns and manual powder coating guns (For manual repair coating). All the guns are researched and produced by our company and shows perfect performance on powder coating. Part 5: Powder Curing OvenCuring oven: Tunnel curing oven with air curtain, bridge type curing oven (designed according to your actual working condition) Part 6: Conveying SystemConveying system: Closed-circuit conveyor and intelligent automatic lubricating injector, high efficiency and reduce the labor cost. Package&ShippingProfessional package and shipping service, machines packaged by exporting wooden case or naked package put into shipping containers according to machine dimension. And customized package is available to meet clients' special requirements.Our Service1. Professional one stop solution and suggestion according to clients' requirements.2. Professional package and shipping service.3. Free spare parts and maintenance during warranty period, and lifelong guiding service through email and telephone.4. Technical engineers are ready to go abroad for installation, training and maintenance.5. Quick response for enquiry and after service.6. Customized service,OEM&ODM service are available to meet clients' different requirements. Contact UsEmail 1: yuan@aytz.cnEmail 2: lora@aytz.cnWebsite: www.aytz.cnWechat: +8619901443238/+8619901441338WhatsApp: +8619901443238

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