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Polyurethane Windshield Glue -CNY 10

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If you are planning to wholesale best cheap and high quality polyurethane windshield glue China, or hot sale polyurethane windshield glue in China from professional polyurethane windshield glue manufacturers and suppliers and factory, please feel free to contact SEPNA, and welcome to check products price with us.PU8730,one component direct glazing polyurethane adhesive, can be used for the high strength adhesion of the glass and the body of the automobile.◆Detailed Product DescriptionCharacterisitics1. Single Component, Moisture-solidifying, and No Dripping for Vertical Plane Construction2. Fast Solidification; Elastic, Good Initial Adhesion, High Strength; Outstanding Application Property3. Good Adhesion with Various Base Materials Such As Glass, Aluminum Plate etc.4. High Dynamic Load Enduring Ability; Short Drawing Wires When Gluing Stops5. No Corrosion on Base Material, No Penetration Pollution; Little Volatile Odor 6. Good Aging Resistance and Weather Resistance Property; Paint-sprayable SurfaceUsage1.PU8730 can be directly used for the high strength adhesion of the glass and the body of the automobile.◆Data TableITEMPU8730AppearanceBlack CreamSurface Dry Time (min)20-60Solidfying Rate(mm/24h)≥3.2Density(g/cm3)1.2±0.05Solid Content(%)≥95Hardness(HA)≥45Breaking Strength(Mpa)≥6.0Breaking Elongation(%)≥450Shearing Strength(Mpa)≥3.0Tearing Strength(N/mm)≥15Stadility(mm)very goodResistance to low temperature℃-45℃ No FractureApplication temperature℃5-35Service temperature(continuous)           short term(up to 8hrs)-40-90   120Standard conditions:23±2℃,50±5%RH◆Package and StoragePackage  1、Aluminum Barrel Package:310ml/piece; 12pcs/carton 2、Soft Package:310ml,400ml,25pcs/carton ;600ml/piece ,20pcs/carton 3、Big Barrel Package:5 galon;55galon;MOQ,20"FEETS CONTAINER   StorageRecommended Storage Temperature:5℃-25℃, Moisture:

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